Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Mood

What does it mean when someone is in a bad mood for two weeks straight? And even the return of Moonlight, Robin Hood, and the presence of a homemade carrot cake doesn't quite get rid of the bad mood monster?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Someone please tell me when I am too old to drive...

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is to head to Greensboro's downtown farmer's market. I love to buy locally and fresh. I usually see some people I know. It's really a pleasant experience and a stress reliever.

This past Saturday I pulled off Yanceyville (a four lane road) onto the street for the market and then took an immediate left into the parking lot. A car was in front of me. I assumed the older woman driver was waiting on a parking space. The minutes began to tick by and cars began to pile up behind me - about 10 at my last count. Yanceyville Street was enduring a good little traffic jam. The woman was stopped right in the middle, so I could not drive around her. I didn't blow my horn, because she was an older woman and I didn't want to be rude. Then I saw a passenger from a few cars back knock on the woman's door, obviously pointing out the serious traffic problem she was causing. I saw a couple empty spaces off to the right, and when the woman still didn't move, I assumed she was waiting for someone. Then a parked car to the left of the lot left, and I pulled in. One less car, I thought, for the big traffic jam.

I then strolled through the market, and while standing at the freshly picked strawberries, an older lady came up to me and said, "You took my place." I was confused, and said, "Excuse me?" "You know what I'm talking about! Out in the parking lot! I'd been waiting for that space!!" A couple people were looking at us. "Mam, you had been waiting for about 10 minutes and had ignored a couple empty spaces, so I thought you didn't want to park - that you were waiting for someone. There was a big traffic jam." "You did not think that! You know exactly what was going on!" "Mam, I assure you that is not the case. I'm sorry for any inconvience I caused you." As she walked past me she hissed very loudly, "A*#+hole!!!"

I was rather stunned, to say the least. No one has ever called me that before (at least to my face), and I honestly thought I was doing the right thing. Mom reminded me that young people who are mean usually turn out to be old people who are mean. Be that as it may, someone just please tell me when I am too old to drive.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Champion is Crowned

If you recall, I was woefully ignorant of College Men's Hoops this year, and chose to spend my madness in March with the Fug Girls. The Champion was crowned yesterday - the person who dresses the fugliest of all. Check out this link for a sappy tournament retro look.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Very Special Kind of Prayer

This post is for my family (nuclear, origin, and extended) who mostly seem fairly interested in bodily functions.

In preparing to teach my World Religions class, I ran across this segment on the topic of Judaism. Jews are expected to give thanks continually, and there are blessings for many of the everyday actions of life, like taking a drink of water. Below is the blessing to be recited after using the toilet:

Blessed art thou, our God, Ruler of the Universe, who hast formed (human) beings in wisdom, and created in them a system of ducts and tubes. It is well known before they glorious throne that if but one of these be opened, or if one of those be closed, it would be impossible to exist in thy presence. Blessed art thou, O God, who healest all creatures and doest wonders.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hot for Teacher

Sonny Boy and I had dinner together last night, and this is the conversation we had:

Sonny Boy: The really hot student teacher is back in Language Arts. She'll be there the rest of the year!

Mom: Really?

SB: Yeah! I kept raising my hand and participating a whole lot in class.

Mom: More than you normally you do?

SB: Oh yeah! Everyone was kinda laughing at me because they know I don't usually do that. And she even knows my name 'cause I was doing so good in class. She said she really likes to read and asked if I liked to read. And I said yeah I really like to read, even though everyone knows I can't stand it.

Mom: Yes, I know dear. You have told me that enough to fill a book by Tolstoy.

SB: So she asked me what my favorite book was and I told her To Kill a Mockingbird. She didn't know I had to read it for class last year.

Mom: Or that I had to explain much of it to you?

SB: (continuing to ignore me and grinning rather widely) She was real impressed that was my favorite book. I told her I really liked non-fiction, real type stories.

Mom: Why didn't you choose a different book that you've read?

SB: I know that would be the most impressive one!

Mom: Well, honey if this is what it takes to get you to put forth your best effort in school...

SB: Man, I wish all my teachers were so hot. I'd make straight As.