Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Haunts

Here is a great site that lists haunted places in North Carolina. If you scroll down to Winston Salem and look at Clewell Dorm, you'll see what occurs where my office is located. Looks like I spend most my days in one of the most haunted spots in NC. Cool!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Appalachian Wedding

The family and I were back up in the mountains this weekend so I could officiate at a wedding for two of my former students. They are great young people and I feel really good about their marriage (so nice to feel like a marriage has a really good shot these days). It was a lot of fun seeing people we had not seen in a while. People were especially marveling over the growth of now 13 year old Sonny Boy. He seemed to enjoy himself - all you can eat barbecue and southern vegetables at the rehearsal dinner, lots of food at the reception, other teenagers who formed a "teen table" at the reception, lots of attention. One never knows how a 13 year old will react to things, so it was pleasant that he enjoyed himself.

As the reception was nearing a close, the groom was ready to toss the garter. All Sonny Boy knew was that single guys were supposed to stand in a group and catch the garter. Always the competitor, the boy went after it and no one else had a chance. Conversation in the van afterwards:

SB: So, what is a garter?
Mom: Many years ago they were used to hold up women's stockings, because the stockings just went to a person's thigh.
SB: Huh... Well, where did this come from?
Mom: The bride's leg.
SB: (looking a little uncertain) And why does the groom throw it?
Mom: It's a tradition - whoever catches it will be the next guy there to be married.
SB: Married? Hmmm. You know, Mom, I'm going to marry someone who's rich.
Mom: Honey, money doesn't matter. Why do you think you need to marry someone who's rich?
SB: 'Cause I know I will marry someone who's hot, and all the hot girls I know are rich.

Let's hope Sonny Boy's wedding is many years away...

(restless - need to hear your boy's garter story!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's 92 degrees

It's October 9 and it's 92 degrees. Last night I sat on my couch in a tshirt and shorts (whilst watching DWTS and booing Mark Cuban) and saw countless commercials with sweaters, tights, and tweed skirts and pants. It's a gorgeous day, albeit a little hot.

But where the heck is fall?????!!!!!! October and November are my favorite months. I LOVE fall - the cooler nights, sunny days, beautiful leaves, long walks, and all the Snicker bites I can want from my kids' confiscated Halloween candy. I still feel like it's summer, but with the usual first two months of school hangover (that's how my job always feels come Fall Break). I want all four seasons. I need fall. Please come soon!!! (or I will be forced to use mutiple exclamation points for an indefinite period of time)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sara Evans-As If

This is for Restless, who has yet to hear Sara Evan's latest. Restless and I had the great pleasure of seeing Sara perform for 1 1/2 hours at Bele Chere one evening a few years ago (when she was due to give birth in a few weeks). Didn't pay a dime, and one of the best musical performances I have ever seen. She was absolutely incredible! Just love her. Of course, then Restless and I went out for a beer and had a really weird and lonely (understandably) middle-aged man trying to pick us up. Why is it that all the weirdos hit on me when I am with Restless? It never (and I mean never) happens with my other friends. Hmmmmm.....