Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's 92 degrees

It's October 9 and it's 92 degrees. Last night I sat on my couch in a tshirt and shorts (whilst watching DWTS and booing Mark Cuban) and saw countless commercials with sweaters, tights, and tweed skirts and pants. It's a gorgeous day, albeit a little hot.

But where the heck is fall?????!!!!!! October and November are my favorite months. I LOVE fall - the cooler nights, sunny days, beautiful leaves, long walks, and all the Snicker bites I can want from my kids' confiscated Halloween candy. I still feel like it's summer, but with the usual first two months of school hangover (that's how my job always feels come Fall Break). I want all four seasons. I need fall. Please come soon!!! (or I will be forced to use mutiple exclamation points for an indefinite period of time)

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