Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I love Harry (and definitely JK)

Being at the beach last week with my family did not stop the fulfillment of my desire for all things Harry Potter. The family spent Monday night at the theater watching the latest movie installment. It was really good - and I was surprised. It was a tough book to read - Harry is having massive teenage angst and Umbridge is just beyond awful. Yet, the movie handled it all so very well and it moved so quickly. None of us could believe the 138 minutes were up at the end. One thing they could have written differently - the end of Harry and Cho's relationship - little too choppy and didn't flow with the book as well.

And speaking of books, I found a bookstore on Emerald Isle and got there about 10:30 Saturday morning. A good chunk of the day was spent reading this final installment of a truly great series. I could have finished it in that day if I didn't interact with my family or cook them dinner - but some things have to be done. I did finish Sunday morning. I started crying on page 53. I will mourn some deaths for some time to come. And the big twist at the end. Wow. Guess I can't really say anything else without giving stuff away. I just need to wait for the next two movies now, and reread the Hallows whenever Hubby finishes it.

Thank you, JK Rowling, for a truly great series and many countless hours of enjoyment.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How much do you like chocolate?

I don't think Hubby knew what I was doing with the camera, but I wanted evidence. Crushed m & ms were all over the side of his face. Some of the ones on the ear had fallen off, but the man's face was essentially covered in chocolate. How, you might ask, could this happen?

Hubby had just gotten off the cell phone when I smelled chocolate in the vicinity. I quickly followed my nose to Hubby's face. I went from there to the cell phone (just a few weeks old), which was also covered in smushed m & ms.

"Hubby, how on earth did you get mashed m & ms all over your cell phone, and did you know that they are all over the side of your face now?" I felt like Hermoine when she first meets Ron and points out the dirt on the side of his nose.

"Huh?" he responded as he walked to the bathroom to clean his face. "How did that happen?"

"You have crushed m & ms all over your new cell phone." He looked puzzled for a few minutes, and then pulled an open bag of m & ms out of his pocket. Apparently he put them in his pocket during the movie we had just seen and decided his cell phone belonged in the same pocket.

You just never know what will happen at my house.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Browsing through some cards...

I was at B & N the other night (my chosen place of escape) and started flipping through greeting cards. I wanted to find one for Sonny Boy, who was off at camp. I found this one, and then fervently prayed Hubby would never see it - because hope (on my part) does spring eternal.

"If you haven't grown up by the time you're middle-aged, it means you don't have to."

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anglophile in action

Sunday afternoon I was a good girl - I went to the Rec Center to put in my time on the elliptical. Thanks to my Mum, I have an Ipod which keeps me fairly occupied during those tedious 30 minutes. Since this is a university rec center, the tvs do not normally have fare which I deem worthy of my notice (and that does include the news channels).

Yet, this past Sunday, the Concert for Diana was on the telly. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Diana was a few years older than I, and we had similar tastes in music. And I have always loved many of the Brit singers - you can get a glimpse of the wonderful Lily Allen at an earlier post. And can I say that Take That has aged quite well in the 10 years I have not seen them? And did you know Duran Duran's Rio was written for me?

I think what was a little scary was that I knew who all the Brits were who seemed obscure to most the American audience. I also understood the entirety of Ricky Gervais' routine (and laughed hysterically).

The Princes did a great job. They raised a lot of money for a number of good causes, and I know their mum would be quite proud.

And did I mention I ended up spending an hour on the elliptical?