Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anglophile in action

Sunday afternoon I was a good girl - I went to the Rec Center to put in my time on the elliptical. Thanks to my Mum, I have an Ipod which keeps me fairly occupied during those tedious 30 minutes. Since this is a university rec center, the tvs do not normally have fare which I deem worthy of my notice (and that does include the news channels).

Yet, this past Sunday, the Concert for Diana was on the telly. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Diana was a few years older than I, and we had similar tastes in music. And I have always loved many of the Brit singers - you can get a glimpse of the wonderful Lily Allen at an earlier post. And can I say that Take That has aged quite well in the 10 years I have not seen them? And did you know Duran Duran's Rio was written for me?

I think what was a little scary was that I knew who all the Brits were who seemed obscure to most the American audience. I also understood the entirety of Ricky Gervais' routine (and laughed hysterically).

The Princes did a great job. They raised a lot of money for a number of good causes, and I know their mum would be quite proud.

And did I mention I ended up spending an hour on the elliptical?

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Lunar said...

On a recent flight, Simon, John, Roger and Nick were guests, and I had the opportunity to chat with all of them. Simon is hysterically funny, and John likes his chocolate. Nick was well-groomed, as expected, and Roger was the quiet one. I have to admit, I was charmed by the '80's Fab Four, even though they are now older, distinguished British gentleman.