Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wedding in Bath

I have many vivid memories of my Mum telling my little brother and me not to provide public entertainment when we were growing up. Of course, my Dad is the best at this particular pasttime :)

I had some wonderful public entertainment while in Bath. It was a beautiful Saturday, and in the park beside the river Avon there was a wedding party and their guests assembled. A large number of us were observing while they spent a fair amount of time trying to take pictures. I was particularly fascinated by the bride's attendants' attire. Olive green corset tops with white polyester, low ride, stretch pants. If one were skinny enough to pull off wearing the pants, then the upper regions were a little too sparse for the corset top. And of course if they filled out the top nicely, the pants were not the most flattering. Yet, I found the most interesting part of the ensemble was the baby blue caps perched jauntily on the side of their heads.

I sure hope this was not an indication of the usual bridal party attire in Britain. But I did appreciate the free public entertainment.

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restless said...

The white is nice unless one of the bridesmaids is surfing the crimson waves. Then that could upstage the Bride.