Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Appalachian Wedding

The family and I were back up in the mountains this weekend so I could officiate at a wedding for two of my former students. They are great young people and I feel really good about their marriage (so nice to feel like a marriage has a really good shot these days). It was a lot of fun seeing people we had not seen in a while. People were especially marveling over the growth of now 13 year old Sonny Boy. He seemed to enjoy himself - all you can eat barbecue and southern vegetables at the rehearsal dinner, lots of food at the reception, other teenagers who formed a "teen table" at the reception, lots of attention. One never knows how a 13 year old will react to things, so it was pleasant that he enjoyed himself.

As the reception was nearing a close, the groom was ready to toss the garter. All Sonny Boy knew was that single guys were supposed to stand in a group and catch the garter. Always the competitor, the boy went after it and no one else had a chance. Conversation in the van afterwards:

SB: So, what is a garter?
Mom: Many years ago they were used to hold up women's stockings, because the stockings just went to a person's thigh.
SB: Huh... Well, where did this come from?
Mom: The bride's leg.
SB: (looking a little uncertain) And why does the groom throw it?
Mom: It's a tradition - whoever catches it will be the next guy there to be married.
SB: Married? Hmmm. You know, Mom, I'm going to marry someone who's rich.
Mom: Honey, money doesn't matter. Why do you think you need to marry someone who's rich?
SB: 'Cause I know I will marry someone who's hot, and all the hot girls I know are rich.

Let's hope Sonny Boy's wedding is many years away...

(restless - need to hear your boy's garter story!)

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Edgy Mama said...

OMG! All the hot girls are rich? And crazy, did you add that gem to the convo?