Monday, May 29, 2006


I borrowed this idea from Edgy Mama - a list of inspirations (in no particular order)

Mom, Papa, my kids, tennis, Jane Austen, most anything British or Australian, Shania Twain, reggae music, Candace Robb, Lorelai Gilmore, Jesus, dark chocolate covered almonds, Jelly Bellies, meditteranean blue, forest green, Carolina Blue sky, Appalachian mountains, Green Day, Brother Cadfael, Ashley, Sydney Bristow, stars-sun-moon, Mexican food, Sangria, friends, Dixie Chicks, the ocean, adoption stories, having a clean house, sporty 5 speeds, impressionism, pretty little bound journals, bath salts, sunflowers, tulips, and travel


KBO said...

How many people do you know who have our level of education and training and put up with living in ratty dorms at low budget conferences or sleeping on church floors during trips or retreats? We should receive some sort of hazardous duty pay for just such events!

Katalina said...

I am shocked that Colin Firth didn't make the list!

Rio said...

I did include anything British :)