Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ginger Bread House Redemption!

Each year, it is part of my family's tradition to make a ginger bread house. And since I am insane, I choose to do this completely from scratch. I blame that book, Anne of Green Gables and a Christmas Treasury, which first led me to believe I could be just like Anne and make this easily and even have it look like her beloved farmhouse. Yeah, right.

This blog has chronicled past failures. And since Christmas is about grace and redemption, we have succeeded this year in the best Rio ginger bread house ever! Note Princess in the cutting and baking aspect. And then here is the final product. I keep looking at the house on its high perch (far away from cats and dogs), admiring such a thing of beauty. Ahhhh......

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restless said...

VERY COOL, RIO! I know how hard it is - i've tried and failed, terribly. Merry Christmas