Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Training Bra

I will never forget when Princess was 3 years old. She and I went to Walmart to purchase her a very casual play outfit. I found a very cute skort and matching top. The whole thing was just $5. She needed something she could get dirty in, and she was so tiny it was not always easy to find clothes. I remember this outfit was a 2T. We arrived home and I put it on her. The top was a mid-riff. I was appalled. What business did a 2 or 3 year old have wearing a mid-riff??!! Since then I have been horrified at what styles are out there for little girls. High heels, more mid-riffs, slits, low cut tops, fake leather. Anything to make them look "sexy."

And the truly awful thing? Low cost clothing for little girls always tended along the Britney Spears line. It was very difficult to find appropriate clothing on a budget. There were and are age appropriate clothes - but always in higher end stores. If someone had the money, they could dress their little girl like a little girl and not mini-Britney Spears. Sexist and classist.

In recent weeks, I realized Princess was ready for her first training bra. Since we just needed the beginning basics, I didn't want to spend much money. So we went to Walmart. (I am very glad they are around in this economy - please understand Restless.) We were looking for the smallest beginning bra. And did you know that one can easily find a 30A training bra with padding and underwire? Black, red, hot pink - you name it. We managed to find a cute little white one that was appropriate, and then some sports ones - but no little girl in a training bra needs push up padding with underwire in sexy colors!! It's no wonder that girls have so many problems with self-image. Before they even know what sexy is, their clothing choices are supposed to be that. And if one is on a limited income, it's even more prominent.

Wish I could design an appropriate girl line for a discount store and get rid of all the inappropriate stuff.


Lunar said...

It's at this very moment that the godmother of Princess feels very OLD!!! Well, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm younger than her mother...if only by six months!

koldham said...

Geez, you are SO 1980's!

Rio said...

Was it the '80s when Madonna was wearing her black cone bra over her clothing and girls started imitated that?

brony said...

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