Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stylin' at the US Open

Fashion and NYC go hand in hand, and this is no exception at the US Open. Every year the discussion seems to focus more on some of the women's apparel than their actual game. The men have previously been left in the dust when it came to fashion discussion. My favorite example of this was a few years ago when Tommy Haas was told that he could not wear a sleeveless shirt because it did not fit within the guidelines of what was acceptable. Mind you, this was the same year when Serena was wearing her black cat suit. Sexist? You betcha. But thank goodness times have changed. If not for Tommy, we probably wouldn't see Nadal's guns.

So this year, Sharapova continues her reign as the fashion maven in her red crystal embedded dress. I kinda like it - even though I know I would look utterly ridiculous in it. Think Snape in Neville's grandmother's attire. However, the man who is perhaps the greatest men's tennis player of all time, Roger Federer himself, has been making some noise in the world of style. He appeared last night in an all black Nike ensemble, including tuxedo shorts, socks and monogrammed shoes. One should know that Anna Wintour, of Vogue fame, luuvvvs the Federer Express, so perhaps she talked him into it. Ted Robinson and John McEnroe spent more time commenting on Federer's attire last night than his complete domination of the game. They had never seen him in all black, thought it was almost unrecognizable, and joked that it was his gangsta attire. Those poor guys - they really missed the point. They should have gotten Tracy Austin back in the booth. She could have told them the real story - the man just looked plain hot on a hot night in NYC. Stylin' is not just for the women alone!


restless said...

McEnroe - sold his soul to AmEx. Ha! I hope the G'boro boy gives the Fed a run for his money tomorrow.

Rio said...

I certainly hope Isner will give him a run for his money as well!