Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sonny Boy's schooling days

Sonny Boy became an 8th grader last week. I believe I will always think of him as a mischievous 3 year old running around, so the boy who is my height and with monster feet still surprises me every day. He called me after the first day of school. I was sitting in my office chair at the computer. "How was school, honey?" "Awesome!" I just about fell out of my chair - don't think he has said that since he was in 1st grade.

As the days went by, I have been able to flesh out what "awesome" really meant. He does like the freedom of changing classes and figuring out the combo lock on his locker. He's always thought he was a grown adult, so this suits him well. But I think what really makes school awesome are the hot 13 year old girls. (It hurts just to type that!) Friday evening we were watching the US Open on tv and he suddenly burst out, "Guess what happened today Mom! It was great." I'm thinking it must be that he did well in class. "This hot girl, Alexa, came up and said she remembered me from Promenade." (Yes, I made him do the 6 week session of Promenade to learn some manners and how to dance and not look like Napoleon Dynamite.) "She told me I was a good dancer."

"Honey, was that so great because a hot girl spoke to you, because she remembered you, or because she thought you were a good dancer?" He thought for a moment, the eyes twinkled, he grinned and said, "I guess all three!"

Whatever it takes...

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