Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Last Legion

Imagine my excitement a couple weeks ago when I found out Colin Firth had a new movie and it has elements of Arthurian legend, Roman legion outfits, and kick-butt action. It's a small movie, and not easily found in this day and age of mega-multiplexes. And then reviewers were averaging Cs in the grades.

Do people not know what a good movie is these days? I need escapism, heroes, quite good acting, the ultimate ideal man in a soldiers' outfit, action that doesn't take over a movie and isn't too gory, a reincarnation of Xena warrior princess, and some humor to ensure the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.

And that was what I got. If I have watched Kull the Conqueror 5 times (and I have, and I even paid at a movie theater - but my Mom was with me), then you can bet I'll see The Last Legion more times in the future when I am given the opportunity. My grade - a solid B.

Check out the trailer, and then rent it if it doesn't come to a theater near you.

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