Friday, May 09, 2008

In Memory of Dr. James E. Hull

Here is an article from the Gboro newspaper. It's about a very influential man in my life - one of my college professors, Dr. Jim Hull. Dr. Hull was a religion professor for many years at Greensboro College. As a religion major there from 1985-89, I came to know him well. I thought I would go on and get a Ph.d. and teach religion at a college somewhere. He kept saying, "Lassie, perhaps God wants you to go in the ministry." He continually introduced me to women who were ministers (my first encounter with clergywomen, because there just were not that many). He helped me explore Divinity School options (which I would go to regardless of an academic or ministerial life). Dr. Hull was a very strong support - always listening to any problems I had and encouraging me that God had great plans for me. He is certainly one of the major reasons I am in my chosen profession.

Dr. Hull also performed the marriage ceremony for Hubby and me 19 1/2 years ago. He will always be fondly remembered as a very important person for me personally. I hope that in all my years of working with college students, I might can attempt to be the same kind of person he was for me and for so many countless others over the years.


smg said...

Greetings Rio,

I don't live in Greensboro anymore and just recently found out about my dear friend Dr. Hull and like you was devastated. He married my husband and I 23 years ago and also encouraged me to pursue a career in Religion.. I did not and today I'm reconsidering my options.. I will miss him dearly..

Your blog is fantastic and I hope to catch-up to you at a GC event or my next trip to G'boro...

smg said...
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