Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I was a teenager when the first Indiana Jones movie came out. I was working at summer camp, and one of my fellow counselors spent the whole summer wearing an Indy fedora and carrying around a fake whip. We were all a bit obsessed. I loved all three of the movies, so I have anxiously been waiting for the latest installment. In recent weeks, Hubby and I have shared the original trilogy with Princess and Sonny Boy since this was all new to them.

I was not disappointed Sunday afternoon when we saw the movie. I know everyone keeps talking about how old Harrison Ford is (I think he's 65), but that man can still kick butt. Shia Lebouf is always fantastic - a very gifted young actor (so hard to believe he got his start on a Nick kids' show). Cate Blanchett - never wrong. And it was so great to see Karen Allen again. And it was really great to see Ford and Allen looking age appropriate - not like a weird Martian with elongated eyes (that was another character in the movie).

The movie was just all out fun. The storyline was interesting; not as compelling as the first or third movie - but still entertaining. I liked the conspiracy mythology thrown in. The action was great. Do you remember how Indy liked to climb in and out of vehicles while socking the bad guys? Look for one scene with this which also involves a motorcycle. One of my favorites in the movie. One thing I enjoyed as well was that the characters were growing up and dealing with life. Life goes on and people have to live it - one way or the other. It was nice seeing old friends live their lives, battle the bad guys, and have a great adventure while doing it.

My grade - B

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