Saturday, March 03, 2007

Book Group Rook Goddess!

I have been quite fortunate to spend the first four days of my 40s with my Asheville Book Group buddies at our annual beach trip. We have many traditions - walking on the beach, sharing bottles of wine and beer, eating good food, enjoying long naps, and playing cutthroat games of Rook. Tonight was no exception. I was neck in neck with BM in the lead, each of us hoping to get to 150 first. I kept plying her with wine, hoping that would give me the edge I needed to get across the finish line first. At one point, our very sweet and gracious mommy to be, Corky, was at negative 30. I felt for her and wanted to keep BM from getting some points, so I passed some along to Corky. Well, Corky came on strong at the end - and went from 70 to 165, beating out my final score of 155. My response can be left to your imagination.

So here is a picture of Corky, with little Lizzie (who we look forward to meeting in a couple months), wearing the championship belt - "Rook Goddess." Congrads Corky, but watch your back next year...

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Edgy Mama said...

She won two days in a row? I bet Beth M. was talking some trash!!

Missed y'all Saturday night!