Monday, March 12, 2007

Make a wish

The moon was shining brightly as the group of women walked side by side along the old fishing bridge. The bright light from the sky revealed all the dark places on the pavement - we were hoping it was only fishing guts. A few seabirds called out in the distance as we strode further to the heart of the Nassau Sound. It was just a touch too quiet - like some really big slasher movie. Yet, we were all about 20 years (and some of us 20 pounds) past starring in such a movie. To break the eerie mood, I spoke.

"Ya'll, this is just a perfect night. That moon is just gooorrrgeous!"

HJ responded, "Kinda feels a little like a slasher movie, doesn't it?"

"No way! This is a buddy chick movie!" We all continued to talk until we were about halfway along the old bridge to Jacksonville. BM took the wine bottle, held it up in the moonlight, saying "Well, here are all our wishes! Let's hope they come true before someone finds this bottle." She then flung it with full force into the ebb of the tide.

"Sure wish I could have used that original wish," I quietly said.

"Rio, one hot night with Mr. Darcy is not something that could actually happen. These are really our intentions." A sigh escaped my lips.

As we walked back to the car, we began to flesh out our buddy chick movie (and it would be far superior to Wild Hogs, trust me). I called dibs on Kate Winslet playing me. That British connection might actually get me one step closer :)

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