Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Caramel Cake, pt. 2

Well, I am officially the parent of a teenager. Much more scary than turning 40. Some of you might recall the trials and tribulations I endured last year while trying to make Sonny Boy's beloved caramel cake. As stores in this town do not deem it necessary to stock caramel frosting, I had certainly been at a loss. But then my husband's sister, Yaya, came to the rescue. She found a recipe from her mom (and thus Sonny Boy's grandma) for caramel frosting. Yaya was so thoughtful to frame it and it has hung on a wall in my kitchen for several months.
Sonny Boy unfortunately was never able to know his Grandma Elizabeth. She died when Hubby was still a very young man. I'm sure she would have liked this teenager who looks so much like his daddy and has his energy (even if he has inherited my argumentative temperament!). I'm also certain she would have been quite pleased that he was eating his favorite cake from one of her old recipes.
Caramel frosting is not easy to make (as I discovered last year). And it wasn't quite perfect this year - I added one cup too many of sifted powdered sugar. But now I know. It was good enough this year, and next year will be absolute perfection!
Of course, it would have helped my ego if Sonny Boy didn't tell me one of his friends still talked about the ugly cake I made last year.
Caramel Frosting - Melt 1 1/2 cups butter on the stove and add one cup packed brown sugar. Cook on low for 2 mins. Add 1/3 cup milk and bring to a boil. Remove from heat for 10 mins. Then add 4 cups sifted powdered sugar until desired consistency. Frost your luscious yellow cake.


Edgy Mama said...

Happy birthday, Caleb!


restless said...

Its fitting that you go through the teenage years first. After all, since i did the 40th birthday first.