Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Greensboro - Hippie Town yet?

For loyal readers, you know my chagrin two years ago at election time when a local writer said Greensboro was a granola town. I realize my perspective on this issue has been tainted by years of living in Asheville - a truly unique city. However, friends (both old and new) in Greensboro have pointed out that it is granola in comparison to much of the surrounding area. Hmmm...I'll keep my judgment somewhat reserved for right now.

But's two years later, and I am quite happy to report that Greensboro elected its first black mayor yesterday! And not only that, she is a woman. Yvonne Johnson is well-qualified and has many goals and ideals I can actively embrace. I was not thrilled about the result of our District candidate to City Council, but overall feel pretty good about the At-large results.

Making progress...


Edgy Mama said...

Great news.

Does she, like Terry Bellamy, resemble Lil' Kim?

restless said...

Well isn't G'boro more racially diverse than A'ville??