Monday, November 26, 2007

My day yesterday

Just need to share what my last day of Thanksgiving break looked like -

*wake up, shower, eat breakfast, rush family out door for church
*teach rowdy senior high Sunday School class
*try to worship while Hubby and Sonny Boy kept elbowing each other and snickering
*go to Costco with family and shop for basics among the hordes of people
*let kids have Churros from Costco for lunch
*go home, change clothes, dust - while Hubby is leisurely watching Duke game
*fix real lunch of pasta and homemade cheese sauce
*do laundry
*write notes
*clean house some more
*pet kitty with injured foot
*take dogs for intense walk in cold
*make homemade vegetable soup and homemade mayonnaise rolls (Granny's recipe)
*fuss at children about getting work done
*eat dinner and force kids to eat veggies
*eat leftover pumpkin pie (yum!)
*fuss at children about studying
*go to grocery store
*use "discretionary money" for peppermint hot cocoa at Starbucks in grocery store (definitely high point of day)
*have Starbucks worker force free muffin on me (yum!)
*go home, unload groceries while fussing at daughter to get in bed
*fuss at son to finish getting read for week
*make homemade pumpkin pancakes for breakfast couple times during the week
*pack kids' lunches
*iron my clothes
*clean kitchen
*fuss at son to get to bed
*watch Iron Chef America's holiday dessert battle (yum! yum!!)


restless said...

Did you ever go to the bathroom?

Rio said...

too busy