Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Smell of Defeat

Loyal readers know I have been fascinated by Sonny Boy's wrestling this season - a sport beyond my comprehension. I missed his tournament last Saturday (Hubby was there), but here is a synopsis of a phone conversation:

Mom - How did this first match go, honey?
Sonny Boy - I lost.
M - Well I'm sure you did your best. You seem okay about it.
SB - I didn't get pinned until the last few seconds. I was wrestling a girl. (pause) She's hot.
M - Oh?
SB - Yeah - all the other guys on my team want to wrestle her too, but she's not in their weight class.
M- Well, I'm glad you got to wrestle her sweetie. Hope your other matches go better.

1 comment:

restless said...

LOL. I'm on the floor. Go Sonny boy! I guess he didn't mind getting "pinned" underneath a develpoing female. I'm sure it won't be only time.