Monday, January 07, 2008

The New American Gladiators

Just a little over a month ago, I recounted my love for the classic American gladiators from the early '90s. Due to the writers' strike, reality tv is more and more of a reality, but I was pleased when NBC premiered the new American Gladiators last night. Kids and I had been anxiously waiting.

I was thrilled when I saw that Laila Ali was one of the hosts. She is so way cool. But then there is Hulk Hogan as the other host. He is just so way annoying. He particularly annoyed me when announcing the first men's event. The women had already completed an event, so he introduces the men while saying, "And NOW we are ready to get serious!" Because of course in his mind the women's events aren't as serious as the men's'? Don't know if Laila heard that, but I bet she could kick his overtanned and bleached hide in a heartbeat.

Overall, I enjoyed the competition. My fave new gladiator is Crush (see picture). It is nice to see women on tv who actually are a normal size (most the female gladiators weigh around 150), and then to have such great muscles. The male gladiators were just a little scary (6'9 and 290 pounds? - who wouldn't be scared?).

The events were fun, the competitors sassy and energetic, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Every Monday at 8pm I have something to keep me entertained. We'll see how it goes...

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