Monday, January 28, 2008

Tendonitis Cure?

I have been dealing with tendonitis in my right hand for a full year now. I have tried all sorts of things - my chiro does laser treatment, a tennis elbow thingy when playing and using the computer or doing some housework, really cutting down processed foods (love my Wheat Thins), and just not using my hand. I had blamed tennis for the bulk of the problem, but I have not played in over a month now and am still having issues.

So last week a co-worker said I should eat 9 golden raisins, soaked in gin, each day. Well, I figured, it couldn't hurt. I have been doing this for a week, in addition to all my other little tricks. Any opinions on this?


Edgy Mama said...

Your co-worker is crazy.

restless said...

Your co-worker IS crazy. You drink the Gin straight- no raisins.