Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Puberty Moment

Sonny Boy has spent the last couple weeks loudly complaining about the fuzz on his upper lip. Yes, it was starting to look something like a mustache - but it wasn't really that bad. Now, I know every boy is supposed to be given his first shaving lesson from dear old dad, but when the opportunity arises...

He kept complaining the other night when his Goggy (my Mom) was in town. So Goggy and I took him into the bathroom, pulled out my lavendar scented shave cream, and taught him how to shave his 'tache. He was pleased afterwards. Of course, one day he will realize that was not a cool moment and probably complain about the strong-willed women in his life.

Goggy and I had a pretty good laugh afterwards.

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Lunar said...

Can't wait to ask him about this!