Friday, February 22, 2008

Portland - the Place for Books

I spent most my time in Portland attending a conference. However, there was some time to ride the MAX lightrail and do a little shopping. One of the best places we went was Powell's Bookstore. Powell's is the largest bookstore in the world. It is independently owned and has new and used titles. If you spend more than $50, they will ship your purchase wherever you want. And of course, you can go on their website to make a purchase as well. I only saw a small part of the store due to time constraints. It was probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would have been severely lost and missed my dinner at Jake's (which is also definitely a place to go when in Portland).

My favorite things at Powell's? The notes pads that had reasons listed under different headings of "How to make me happy today," "Why we should have sex," "Things that get on my nerves," and "My mood today is..." I thought about purchasing any number of those note pads, but then I figured, if my husband can't read my mind after almost 20 years, why should I help him out with a note? He needs to keep up his mindreading skills. Can't make it too easy for him.

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restless said...

You should have bought ALL the notes. If your hubby can't read your mind after 20 years, its time you spelled it out for him sister!!